Discover life in the Beiras and beyond!

We are proud to announce the launch of Central Portugal, where you'll find all sorts of fascinating things - whether it's meeting new people, travelling around on a budget, or buying hand-made pieces of art - we'll do our best to help you make it happen.

We are going to be launching the project shortly, so please check back soon.

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While you're waiting, check out some data that we've collected on some nice places and cool events which are planned to be added and available for you at launch day:

  • The Spectacular Spider Van


    Every moving job considered. The Spectacular Spider Van. Sprinter LWB high top, load weight 1000kg or 13 cubic meters. PT: +351 966491358 UK: +44 (0)7926771194

    The Spectacular Spider Van
    The Spectacular Spider Van

    PT: +351 966491358 UK: +44 (0)7926771194

  • Yurt Holiday Portugal

    Holiday Rental

    Welcome to our idyllic, organic, solar-powered smallholding in the mountains of central Portugal.

    Yurt Holiday

Find what you want

Visiting Portugal or just need a break from life in the city? If you want to try something new, get involved in local activities, work on an organic farm or head into the hills for adventures, there's plenty to keep you entertained, relaxed or maybe really busy, if that's what you want. We'll be launching soon and you'll be able to find all sorts of exciting opportunities - from how to make artesan honey, to luxury retreats or unforgettable holidays.

Discover in Portugal

Be discovered

Do you have an interesting property out of town, run a small business or take part in a cooperative? Are you an artist, mechanic or engineer, or maybe you are a talented musician wanting to work with others? Do you host events or run retreats? Or perhaps you just need some help renovating your property or looking after your land in exchange for bed and board? By joining Central Portugal now, you'll have early access to the website and see who else is interested in you as soon as we launch.

Be discovered in Portugal

Are you interested?

Please join up so we can keep you informed and you don't miss the launch.



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